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Client : Student 2019

One year after meeting Penny for the first time I can't even put into words how much she changed my entire life. Not only has Penny helped me to move on from my trauma but she has given me a whole set of resources to cope with life confidently and independently: I feel like a different person!

Client: Female

At our first session you identified a number of serious and longstanding issues that I had been suppressing for a very long time. You offered me talking therapy or EMDR and I chose EMDR. Although painful, EMDR is so quick and effective that it does feel like magic. I would recommend it to anyone.


“The work I did with you has just changed my life completely, the bottom line is I now cope with everything.”


I started my therapy sessions with Penny just over 3 months ago.I have had a combination of CBT & EMDR throughout my regular weekly visits. The impact the sessions have had on my self-esteem & my outlook on life in general has been simply incredible!!


“I have often been impressed by how intuitive you are – you’re a brill therapist!”


“Thank you for helping me to believe in myself and being patient with me”